Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Day, Another Jesus

Are we boring you yet?

Alas, it is Easter and the end of Holy Week. Thankfully, Thursday's rain let up and we were able to see that night's processions, said to be the holiest of all Holy Week pasos, going all night and into the the wee hours of Good Friday morning.

The video and most of the photos are from La Macarena, put on by our quarter's church with some 3,000 Nazarenes, and representing the sentencing of Christ. It was the first paso we set out to see, having essentially stumbled upon the rest, and we really enjoyed watching it from beginning to end, despite the fact that it wasn't over until 2:30 a.m. Plus, nighttime viewing adds some intangibly special aspect to it all.

Even so, we're somewhat relieved to see Holy Week go. The onslaught of processions served as roadblocks, basically quarantining us to the Alameda. Though I must say I will miss the rare sight of a lone repenter in full get up, walking down the street, just going about his business. Its hilarity is something I will never tire of.

Finally, I feel compelled to note that I was not trying to be arty in blurring the photos. Using the flash overexposed the shots, so I decided not to use it, and as anyone who's taken a photography class knows, snapping pictures in the dark sans flash requires a steady hand—something I apparently need to work on. Before I left for this trip, I debated buying a new camera (one with triple shutter speed--perfect for action and nighttime shots!) and I stupidly decided not to, opting to pay taxes instead. Being less practical: something else I need to work on.

Nevertheless, enjoy and happy Easter!

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