Thursday, May 22, 2008

Help wanted!

You guys remember Quino, right? Some of you even met him and were privy to his kindness. Well, as we're about to hightail it out of here in nine days, we thought it would be nice to get him some sort of small departing gift for said kindness, plus his awesome restaurant recommendations. The thing is, we have absolutely no clue what to get him. From our limited conversations in Spanish, this is what we know about him:

  1. He owns a bar, so wine/liquor is out
  2. He has a dog named Pipa
  3. He likes the beach
  4. He doesn't like George Bush
  5. He loves to learn different languages
Based on number five we considered gag gifting "Ingles Para Dummies," but I still feel the need for something less obnoxious. We also have a small but thriving lavender plant that we can't bring back with us which I thought we could give, remembering that I once read somewhere that lavender represents friendship to some people, but Jay thinks the idea is fay.

Suggestions are welcome in the comments, including opinions on whether or not I am being overly sentimental.


Corrie said...

What about some music? You guys have great taste in it and he owns a bar so maybe he'd like some new tunes to listen to?

jm said...

hmm... good suggestion!

jm said...

well, we wound up giving him a lighter with a b+w photo of marilyn monroe on it, since mm is all over his bar. turns out the obsession is his business partner's not kino's. (oh! and it turns out it's spelled "kino" not "quino.") wrong on so many fronts. but it's the thought that counts, right?

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