Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Pledge

So it's been almost one full month since Jay and I got engaged. And what have I accomplished since then?


This is an incredibly overwhelming process that I'm not sure I'm prepared for, and I almost feel like apologizing for not having an answer at the ready for all of the well-meaning questions I'm peppered with: Have you set a date yet? No. Where will it be? Somewhere in New York, I guess? Who's in your bridal party? I have no idea yet. Chicken or fish? Um, both?

Then there are the "Oh! You should do this!" people. Luckily, I'm very good at smiling and nodding.

Here is what I do know: We will not get married in a church. Neither of us are particularly religious, nor do we like to be the center of attention, so an hour-long ceremony with all eyes on us might induce some panic on both of our parts.

I also can promise you that this blog will not turn into a platform for me to rant and rave about all things bridal. Throughout this entire process, I'm striving not to be at all like the women who post on The Knot's New York-centric Web site. Scaaary.

Mostly, I kind of want the wedding to be like the recent birthday party of Libby, Jay's now 4-year-old niece: wine, cupcakes and a karaoke machine that everyone knows how to share.

Pictures of the inspirational event here.

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