Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy to the New Year

So Jay and I decided that we're going to Puerto Rico (or some other similarly warmly climed place that is not Mexico) for New Year's in 2010--who's with us?! 

That's not to imply that this past New Year's wasn't fun; it certainly was, and I kicked it off by breaking my no-dairy resolution almost immediately by surprisingly enjoying an incredibly burnt piece of pizza. (Thanks Casey! [That is not a facetious thank you; I know how impossible it is to get pizza in Cincinnati at 2 a.m. This is why I will never leave New York.])

It was good to get to the 'Nati, especially since it had been over a year since my last visit. We're looking forward to Ben and Brooke's visit at the end of the month, though if the way Ben planted one on Jay at midnight on New Year's is any indication of the sort of craziness this visit will bring, then I may just have to buy an actual lock for our bedroom door. 

Oh, and yes: There is photographic evidence* of that kiss, I just wasn't allowed to post it. 

*New year, new photo-sharing service. I was having problems with Snapfish no matter which browser I used (I think it may be an anti-Mac thing), so welcome to my Flickr, mostly because you can view photos without having to register and it's just one photo stream. And! You can comment. Just be nice. 


Gabel said...

I'd like to see this picture. Jay will get over it.

jm said...

Okay... between you and me. What's your email?

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