Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

I think I speak for both myself and Jay when I say how flattered we are that our trip to Spain inspired so many of you to one-up us. We love that you didn't let us bask in the glow of our extended vacation for too long, taking away our comeback high with more exotic life happenings like "moving to China" and "exploring the world," not to mention totally stealing our thunder by blogging about it all.

And so, a few weeks ago, Jay and I said goodbye to another set of dear New York friends, Jewitt and Sue. Or JewSue. (There's also GabLu. As for us? BoehMerritt. Though these nicknames never seemed to catch on with anyone beyond Jay and myself.)

JewSue are off on a truly epic adventure, which you can follow on The Voyage of Swill. (And, as always, there will be a link at left.) Their itinerary covers South America, Eastern Europe, India and finally, an official settling in Korea, for goodness knows how long, except that I already know it's too long since Jay can't stop talking about how he no longer has any friends in New York, which is largely why he decided to move in with me, I'm sure.


쓰레기통 여행 (The Voyage of Swill) said...

Jenn, Boehmer moved in with you because you have such a sweet apartment, not because we left. Duh!

Gabel said...

Come one! J moved in so that you guys can make sweet love every night of the week.

jm said...

gabel! this is a family site!

(for reals! jay's mom reads it. hi, mrs. boehmer!)

Gabel said...

Sorry, I guess that was a little below the belt. I'll be sure to clean up my act.

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