Monday, July 14, 2008

You don't know the trouble I've seen

...Trying to upload this video. I'll spare you the details, but it involved fights with a font program, beguiling moments on Blogger and numerous break-up threats since the video was supposed to be posted within minutes of landing at JFK.

I'll admit, I'm a little ashamed it took me almost two months to get this up. After all, I'm the Type A one. But I also think it's fitting, since the Spanish are rarely in a rush to get anything done in a timely manner. I guess those Spaniards really did rub off on me!

Two additional items worth noting:

First, Jay's good friend Gabel, along with his lovely girlfriend Luhan, recently ditched New York for Beijing. Like, permanently. He's blogging about trading democracy for Communism here. (You also can find a link under Friends & Neighbors.) The drinks, the pool games and the hugs that made up one of their final nights in New York is here.

Second, in an effort to milk this epic time waster of a blog for all it's worth (seriously, do you people even check in anymore?), I'm back to blogging. (And Twittering!)

So stay tuned, we hope you enjoy the video and a big thanks to everyone who continually checked in here while we were away. It was always an unexpected treat to have some of the blog posts recited back to us in e-mails, phone calls and upon our return, because it showed you were reading and that you cared. (Sniff.) It's nice to know we were still on your minds even though we were out of sight.


Gabel said...

Jenn, I can't get the video to work. Is there anything anti China in it? Also, thanks for posting those pics on Snapfish...I bought some of them...makes me sad.

jm said...

nothing anti-china that I can think of... I'll get your e-mail from jay and try sending it to you directly.

and I told jay that we should have printed out and sent some of the pictures to you! he said, "that's nice, but guys don't do that."

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